Nephra is leading the way for a healthier & happier life for patients on dialysis.


Nephra has taken part in several organizations sponsored by the National Science Foundation and was named one of the national Poets and Quants most disruptive business school startups of 2021.

Real Time Electrolyte Monitoring.

We are pioneering a method to give patients insight into their health, leading a new frontier of personalized care and combatting the many complications that can arise as a result of infrequent testing.

An overview…

The Deep Tech Difference

Dialysis is antiquated and ripe for disruption. Linear improvements in treatments have left patients around the world catching up to their health.

34% of patients on dialysis die from a major cardiac event as a result of imbalances in serum electrolytes.

We are leveraging cutting-edge tech to make non-invasive assessments of individual potassium levels.

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